Prostitution and Drug Sting 06/11/2010

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division with the assistance of a Clemson Police Department Narcotics Investigator conducted a Prostitution Sting that resulted in four arrests for Solicitation for Prostitution and several drug related offenses, and one unrelated Narcotics arrest.

Narcotics Agents had received complaints regarding possible Prostitution near the intersection of Hall Street and South Main Street, and at the Hill Top Inn which is located on Highway 29 South in Anderson, SC.

The following are the individuals that were arrested for Prostitution near the intersection of Hall Street and S. Main Street:

Donna Fitzpatrick Kenney (47 YOA) of 710 Don Avenue in Anderson, SC was charged with Prostitution 1st Offense.

Crystal Marie Johnson (24 YOA) of 302 Newton Lane in Anderson, SC was charged with Prostitution 3rd Offense.

Katie Lynn Davis (30 YOA) of 805 East Broad Street in Iva was charged with Prostitution 2nd Offense.

The following individual was arrested at the Hill Top Inn located on Highway 29 South Anderson, SC.

Amanda Marie Southards (25 YOA) of 2454 South Main Extension Denton, NC was charged with Prostitution 1st Offense and unlawful Possession of Controlled Substances.

While conducting the above investigation, Agents observed an unrelated incident in which several people were engaged in what Agents believed to be a drug transaction at the intersection of Hall Street and Perry Street. Upon further investigation, Agents arrested Jeremy Burns (19 YOA) of 114 South Jefferson Street in Anderson, SC for Possession With Intent to Distribute Crack Cocaine and Possession with Intent to Distribute Crack Cocaine within proximity of a school/park/playground.

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56 Responses to “Prostitution and Drug Sting 06/11/2010”

  1. A person would have to be on drugs in order to willingly get it on with one of these “women”. Just wow.

  2. I totally agree, Joanna! OMG!! That is all I got to say is OMG!!!!

  3. Angela aint bad!


    yeah look at the 47yo woman see what drugs do to you she looks like she is 70 no teeth crack and meth rot your teeth and are just poision

  5. For these females to be in such demand,sure says alot for the men in this world!They will do just about anything that is still warm.

  6. OMG!!! These women are so “FUGLY” that they should be considered disabled!!! I guess “The Bunny Ranch” didn’t give them a “call back” after they applied to work there. LMAO

  7. I used to work with a women who looked like the lady in the first photo. I always thought she was on drugs, but no one wanted to believe me. Even meth users can hold down a job.

  8. I used to work with a women who looked like the lady in the first photo. I always thought she was on drugs, but no one wanted to believe me. Even meth users can hold down a job. I guess?

  9. OMG look at the chick who is “24″ crystal she looks older then my 40 yr old mother! they should show kids these pictures on the side effects of drugs! i wouldnt wnt none of these “ladies” even if they r free or 2 for 1!

  10. I would do all of them. I ain’t had any in over 10 years. Nothing a brown paper bag can’t fix!

  11. who would wanna sleep with them… i didnt know they were women!!!?

  12. Folks, it’s the oldest profession in the world. It should be legal for anyone adult to sell or trade their body for sex. In states where prostitution is legal, there are fewer rapes, less child molesting young ladies support themselves, their children and dreams with only what God gave them. Please say a prayer for every whore you know. God said to be a comfort to your husband lady and a man deprived will take comfort in the dirt.

  13. all ya’ll is ate up

  14. God gave men Two Heads; BUT only enough Blood to run One at a time!!!

  15. The world is sick, its full of disgusting and morally corrupt people but … you don’t know all of these females stories.lets not be so quick to judge.

  16. wow they are some real garbage pail looking ppl

  17. why do they have to do them all they do is get you in troulble

  18. I’ll take Mary Palmer and her 5 sisters before I’d pay any of these tweakers

  19. I think a man or woman would have to be desperate to go this low to sleep with a woman that looks like she was on drugs! Do people not worry diseases any more? Do they not even think about what they might be taking home to their loved ones!

  20. OMG why hae did that………..

  21. I THINK WE SHOULD PRAY FOR ALL THESE Unfortunant PEOPLE. There but for the grace of God, go I.

  22. I live in anderson and i pass hall st. almost everyday.. These women are stupid.. i think they should get the full years for what they are doing.. they could be spreading aids…

  23. Really ?…I mean REALLY ????

  24. this looks like my kind of ladies!!!!

  25. Who in da hell would have sex with any of these ugly ass women…lol But the biggest question is, who would pay to have sex with any of em..I am surprised they could give it away, let alone sell it.

  26. Beverley Crouts-Knipe Reply 06. Apr, 2011 at 12:29 am

    people, you are so judgemental. surely these woman are doing this out of desperation. the last thing they need is for you to judge them too.

  27. no no NO…. I just threw up!

  28. This could be any of your female family memebers, and people should not be judge that’s not our job it belongs to the Mighty Judge GOD. I have such empathy for these ladies, could have been me or my child but, by the grace of God it isn’t. Love one another not judge

  29. id rather stick it in a warm jar of mayonaise before id do any of these women

  30. Hey guys, if it’s gotten so bad you have to drive down Hyw 29 looking for it, click on Adam and They’ve got real cool toys that feel like the real thing and wont give you nothing but a good time. Better than warm mayonnaise too.

  31. i personally think that these immature men and women need to stop what they are doing and start supplying for their families that are hurting.

  32. omg im 42 and i dont look like that,these ladys have been deprived of the love of a good man & id bet that they have all been beat on and then they get prayed upon by this witch donna may god help them

  33. eeeewwwwww

  34. You really believe there is a “GOD” ?!!?!?!?

    If there was one then why would he make things so bad for people?? So you can sit around and say how much better you are than someone else and judge people…

    I bet the only reason they started doing meth to begin with is because they were probably depressed or something…think about it… -_- i still can’t believe someone paid them for sex..what a loser…

  35. i want somee wrinkly p****

  36. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i love convicts i love you gabriel

  37. This is nasty I mean they do un godly things with some nasty men and what can 7 dollars really get u? The top lady used to WORK my block and she did it all for 7 dollars. U could keep ur germs to ur self and just get a job or hell even stand at the corner and hold a homeless sign.

  38. WOW. I can’t believe people would pay to have sex with any of those women. NASTY!!!
    If I were a man and those were my options I’d go without.

  39. They can do better if they want to!!!!!!

  40. DAYUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM somebody shouldve paid her to put her clothes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I wonder how many STD’s they have…or if they even care.


  43. When it gets that bad yuu need some help , gahh that 47yo looked like my 80yo gma . she need to get that fixxedddd *

  44. lolol@everybody’s comments. I’m guessing they are all broke! even a crossed-eyed man with a limp, heart failure, kidney failure, breathing problems, fat, blind, and dying wouldn’t sleep with one of these ladies

  45. The high cost of low living. These women need Jesus.

  46. oh my god thats my girlfriend donna

  47. I thinnk it is so sad that the world has come to this. Low life people with nothing t o do but look at these unfortunate women’s photos and judge them. Who knows, you haters might be the ones in Hell and not them. Just not lest thou be judged. you never know what circumstances they have been in. Maybe beaten by their “loved ones” raped forced into it. I hope they all get get help, but I have been incarcerated in Lexington County jail and it was pure misery, only compounded by the fact that a west columbia cop who didn’t know how to fasten cuffs allowed the left one to fall off and then the Nazi bastard beat my face into a cement floor and then charged me with resisting. SC is a dangerous place to live and I mean because of the COPs, not the poor old hookers. Y’all get a life and quit putting these women down, I guarantee they have had a hard life that you know nothing about yet you sit and judge. You should be praying for them ( and yourselves) instead. also, whoever came up with the idea of the crap rag “magazine in print and online should be ashamed, I mean, crawling on their knees, begging God for mercy ashamed. Money hungry scum is what publishes this crap.

  48. Sydney ( bitxhess ) Reply 12. Dec, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    oh myyyy godddd . like these people are very ugly who would wanna fuk em ? really. ewwwwwieeeee. they need to be in P R I S O N F0R L I F E !

  49. everyone neds to keep them in prayer im still hoping my daddy wont go there anymore

  50. I am very proud to be a skeptic. I become prouder every time I read the posts of so-called Christians on webpages like this. As the mythological Jesus said, “Pull the plank from your own eye before you speak of the splinter in mine”, or “Judge not lest ye be judged.” By the way, who heard him say these things? Oh well, many of you have much to be proud of. Now you can all go back to your Tea Party, and judge the rest of us.

  51. It also says n the bible that god woyld rather u spill ur seeds into the belly of a whore then upon the ground…. That being said I think I wpuld take my chances with the ground that way at least the dirt would wash off just sayin

  52. All I can say is that I saw

  53. There’s definately a great deal to learn about this subject. I like all the points you made.